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Full Name: Kids Connection
Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services Finance & Support
P.O. Box 85801
Lincoln, NE 68509
P.O. Box 85801
Lincoln, NE 68509

Kids Connection is an expansion of Medicaid as health care coverage for qualified children who are without other health insurance and who do not qualify for Medicaid. Federally called the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP), it provides the same services covered under Medicaid.

Kids Connection provides well care for your child in helping to prevent diseases, finding and treating problems early, and maintaining good health and development.

Regular check-ups include:

  • baby checkups and immunizations
  • immunizations for school-age children
  • yearly checkups for school-age children, including school and sports physicals
  • dental check-ups and dental sealants
  • vision and hearing testing

Kids Connection also provides medical care for injuries and illnesses as early as possible .  This is essential in treating or correcting health problems.

Treatment includes:

  • doctor's visits
  • medications
  • hospital care
  • lab tests/x-rays
  • dental treatment
  • eyeglasses
  • counseling
  • and more...
  • specialty services for children with disabilities or chronic health conditions
  • mental health and substance abuse assessment and treatment services
  • counseling



Hours call for information
Telephone (402) 323-7455 Tollfree (800) 383-4278
Website E-mail
Barrier Free? Unknown Ages Served 0 - 19
Counties Served All counties.

Children may be eligible:

  • if they are under age 19
  • if they live in Nebraska
  • even if both parent live at home
  • even if one or both parents work full-time
  • even if their family already has some type of health insurance*

When you apply for Kids Connection, your children will be evaluated for enrollment based on your income. Some programs under Kids Connection are not available to children who have health insurance.

Do your children qualify for Kids Connection?

  1. First, take your gross income (before deductions are taken out), subtract $100 per month for each employed adult and then subtract actual day care costs.
  2. Add in your unearned income such as child support, alimony, unemployment compensation, Workers' compensation, Social Security benefits, etc.
  3. Then, compare this number, along with your family size, with the adjusted income figures in this chart. If your adjusted income falls at or below the appropriate amount on this chart, your children may be eligible.

If your adjusted income falls at or below the appropriate amount on the chart, your children may be eligible for Kids Connection.

Please note: these numbers are approximates. If your family income is slightly more than the amounts shown on the chart, your children may still qualify. The best way to find out if your children are eligible for Kids Connection is to apply in person. If you have questions, call toll-free at 1-877-NEB-KIDS (1-877-632-5437).

Number of family members
(include parents & children)
Adjusted Monthly Income Adjusted Annual Income
1 $1,604 $19,248
2 $2,159 $25,908
3 $2,714 $32,568
4 $3,269 $39,228
5 $3,824 $45,888
6 $4,379 $52,548
For families with more than six members, please call 1-877-632-5437 for income guidelines.

These limits are effective beginning January 2008 and increase annually thereafter.



Cost Application necessary.

Date revised for accuracy: March 28, 2013


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