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Disability Service Self-Assessment Disability Self-Assessment

Welcome to Nebraska’s self-assessment process for persons with disabilities.

This process will help you:

  • Assess your service needs
  • Direct your own services delivery
  • Match service needs with Nebraska’s resources
  • Find service providers in your geographic area
  • Make decisions about your living situation and needed support

How to Assess Your Needs

You may be deciding to direct your own services delivery or putting together a plan to live independently in your community. We will help connect you to the services or living situations that meet your needs so that you can make choices about your life and how you want to live it. Your answers to the following questions will help assess your service needs. You may skip the sections where you do not have concerns. Now we can begin to help you find your service resource options.

Disability Self-Assessment
Connect to the services you need today!

Looking for more information? Visit the Answers4Families website. There you will find information for families who have special concerns for the well-being children, parents, dear friends, or neighbors. Each area provides information related to the complex experiences related to caregiving.

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